Life at UAlbany is exciting!  For many it is the first time away from home!  It is a time of creating yourself to be who you want to be!  A time to start over!  These years at college will shape what your life looks like going forward.  At Impact, we believe that best foundation to build your life on is Jesus.  Click through some pages, get connected by going to the "I'm New" link and show up at a meeting!  We meet every Wednesday that classes are in session in CC375 at 808pm!  


Our Office on Campus

Impact Christian Fellowship

Earth Science 320
1400 Washington Ave
Albany, NY   12222

How Do you describe Jesus?

The Blogosphere

Upcoming Impact Events*

By: Zack

 Starting back in the spring of 2011, we held a series of talks on intellectual topics in Christianity. We called it our March Monday Meetings! We had special speakers come in and speak on topics in which they …Read More

That's A Nice Valley!

By: Zack

 The other day I was talking with Peter, our upcoming President of Impact at UAlbany, and we started to discuss Psalm 23.  An interesting Psalm and possibly the most famous Psalm.  Just by me typing …Read More

A Church Sermon

By: Zack

 This past Sunday, I had a chance to speak at a church and share the ministry of Impact with a whole group of people.  It was a fun morning and my first time speaking in the pulpit.  I was able to …Read More

The Divided Kingdom

By: Zack

 This past semester we have spoken on evangelism and we have been going over the Gospel of Luke during our Monday bible study with the intention of understanding it so that we can teach it instead of just consuming it …Read More

Q&A Area

All of us have questions about Christianity and our faith.  Some questions are struggles and stumbling blocks and some are simple but just haven't been answered.  We want to give you a chance to ask what is on your mind in a safe, judgement free space.

If you have a question you want to ask, you can write it on one of our fliers with a comment section or click on this text and fill out the form online!

To see a history of questions that have been asked,  click here!